Why Choose Motorization

Motorized blinds are child and pet safe.  They are a great solution for hard to reach windows or if you have a lot of windows to control.  Press a button and see all your blinds go up or down.  At night say 'Goodnight Alexa' and see all the blinds in your home or office close.  BlindCo has many motorization solutions to offer while keeping you within your budget.  Our installers are well versed in the electrical field and will ensure everything is properly wired and programmed before leaving your site.

Wand Buttons and Controls

This is a very economical way to motorize your blinds.  A rechargeable Wand Control System with Internal Battery Motor.  Press a button on the wand to operate your blind.  Recharge via 12V DC Battery charger.  

Remote control or Wall Switch

Remotes come with 1 to 30 channels for many combinations for controlling your blinds.

Motorized blinds and shades can have internal battery motors, external battery packs or be hard-wired with low-voltage or 110V wiring. 

Batteries are rechargeable and need to be charged once or twice a year (depending on usage) with a battery charger which plugs into the motor or via a small solar panel attached to your window.

Hard-wired blinds have a constant source of power and never need to be charged; however, pre-wiring is required during construction.  Distribution panels are also available for those large commercial projects.

You can also plug in your blind if you have an outlet close enough; however, this method is usually only used if you have drapery panels that will cover the cord.

Link Controllers

Link controllers are state-of-the-art WiFi technology which is essential for controlling your blinds from anywhere in the world. 

Compatible with Control 4 smart home system

Download an app and set up your blinds with limitless possibilities from timing  to temperature control.